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The rules and regulations of professional boxing

In spite of different authorized bodies and state commissions apply their own differences, the extensively agreed upon standard is the UNIFIED RULES of the ASSOCIATION OF BOXING COMMISSIONS.

Now, in the words of the highly distinguished referee, Kenny Bayless “What I say, you must obey!”

So, let’s touch ‘em up and give the fans a good, clean fight.

The primary regulatory profile of the A.B.C. consists of:

1. Each competition can range, in regards of number of rounds, but the duration of each round should be three minutes in duration with a minute pause in between.

2. The referee of a bout (often called the ”third man in the ring”) is the only official who is permitted to stop the match. This can come by the advice from the commissioner or advise from the ringside doctor, nonetheless the referee is the only that can stop the fight.

3. The bout is set and determined by three ringside judges.

4. A Ten Point Must System is standard scoring procedure in any controlled match. This indicates that any fighter who wins the round must automatically is granted 10 points and his opponents, inferior to, depending on how poorly he loses the round.

5. Any fighter who gets knocked down during the course of a bout, has to be given a obligatory eight count to recover his or her feet, to recover and be considered, physically and mentally able to carry on.

6. Every athlete must to wear a mouthpiece during the course of the fight. If, in case, a fighter fails to put back his mouthpiece in the course of the rounds or if it is knocked-out during the round, the referee has to stop the activity and restore it.

7. There is no Standing Eight Count. (This practice is sometimes used to permit a referee to temporarily stop the fight and apply and eight count to acquire time to assess a fighter.)

8. The Three Knockdown Regulation is not in effect. (This regulation is sometimes used to protect a fighter from avoidable punishment, presuming not that if they’ve gotten knocked down three times in any, single round, that they are not executing and the bout is automatically stopped.)

9. Assuming that a boxer is knocked completely out of the ring, he or she is permitted twenty seconds to get back in. This has to happen with no intervention from his corner or on lookers. Any unknown contact with the fighter, can result in a loss of points and/or are subject to judgement by the referee.

10. A fighter who is knocked down and is given a Ten Count, cannot be saved by the bell in any round. (This means that if a fighter goes down and the bell sounds, to end the round, the round continues until the fighter recovers, is evaluated by the referee and considered able or unable to continue to carry on. The sound of the bell DOES NOT automatically stop all measures and results.)

11. Any wound (cuts, swelling, broken bone, etc.) incurred from a honest punch, that is serious enough to end the bout, results in a Technical Knock Out (T.K.O.) of the wounded boxer.

12. Wounds suffered from Intentional or Unintentional Fouls are managed in different ways. All regulations and complete descriptions can be found here


13. The fighter who is, unexpectedly, hit under the belt (below the waistband) will be permitted an appropriate time to recover. The most time permitted is five minutes.

Now, in the words of the highly distinguished referee, Kenny Bayless “What I say, you must obey!”

So, let’s touch ‘em up and give the fans a good, clean fight.

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