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What Is It?

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), was modified from the ground aspect of Judo (discussed above), when one of Jigoro Kano’s students made their way to Brazil.

BJJ is as much a mental game as it is a corporal one

Unlike Judo, BJJ takes place mainly on the ground, with the position being to present your opponent via the variety of different techniques allowed. If no submission is performed through out, the match can either be considered a draw, who the winner decided by who gathers the most points.

What To Expect?

BJJ is a very physically intense exercise, meaning it’s an amazing way to get fit. With that in mind, you’ll probably find yourself sitting out moves (sparring) sessions on the side though you take a rest for your first couple of classes.

In addition BJJ is as much a mental game as it is a corporal one. This is proper to the pure volume of techniques that can be used to both defend and attack your rival. It’s because of this that attaining a black belt in BJJ can take more than 12-years.

There are two styles of BJJ, traditional BJJ where you dress a Gi and a No-Gi BJJ, where you dress tight clothing such as a rash guard and leggings.

Is It For Me?

Similar to, Judo, BJJ is probably not perfect for anyone who feels enclosed or likes their own personal area. Having someone above you, trying to gag you for 3-minutes straight isn’t everyone’s idea of fun. That said, after a few years, you’ll be the person on top!

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